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Being the Upgrade

From the beginning, we have been driven to be the best solution in fleet management support. Pushing the boundaries of what is attainable is at the heart of J3 which is why industry enhancement is one of our core values. It has required us to be innovative, and our unique vantage point has allowed us to push the industry forward. We’ve left standard operating procedure in the dust and are forging a new normal.

The pandemic changed many things and the fleet industry did not go unscathed. J3 was there from the beginning, thinking outside the box to provide real time answers and solutions. There was not one day that J3 wasn’t open and working hard to get fleets back up and running. Our initiative has elevated the way the industry is now operating. And we’re only getting started.

Because J3 operates as a team, we can see challenges from many different angles. That allows us to be creative in how we approach each situation. Our backgrounds have given us a “light on our feet” approach. We are able to pivot quickly and maximize our ability to create industry-defying results. Backlogs still persist and rules are changing regularly as states and fleet operations struggle to sort through an overwhelming mess. We are able to adapt as needed and devote the appropriate [tech and personnel] resources so that fleets keep running. Our streamlined processes are blazing a new way for compliance to be handled.

As a Black-owned, woman-owned company, our point of view is like no other. We are knowledgeable experts who use that expertise to keep building and innovating ways to serve. Our team is constantly assessing and improving, seeking faster and more efficient means. This is why J3 Management Group is the single solution for fleets looking to not only stay in business, but thrive.

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